Do You Need to Have Branded Promotional Material?

Promotional material

Many business owners struggle with the various options of marketing and promotion offered on the market.

Fighting for your piece of the pie sometimes means hearing a lot of different information about various ways of attracting customers, and the problem is that you can very often find opposite opinions. It can happen very often that the info you receive isn’t based on research and lacks data-checking.

Precisely for this reason, we have decided to explore one of the most common marketing tactics used by companies and offer you more insight into its importance and relevance.

Branded promotional materials don’t fall into the category of the newest marketing trends. When it comes to exploring new ways of advertising, most people turn towards social media and various Snapchat filters and blue badges.

Although the dominance of the digital world can’t be ignored, there is still a lot of value in the physical, especially when it comes to items like stands used to promote your company that attract your customers and create a more personal connection.

What Is the Outcome of Sharing Branded Promotional Material?

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Before we dive into this marketing tactic, let us see what the research says – how big of an ROI do these materials have? Well, as it turns out, a much bigger one than everybody thought.

A study done in 2012 has brought to light some significant info – as many as 87% of people keep promotional materials for more than a year and almost 80% have opted to work with the said business again.

This research also highlights that the return of investment for branded promotional materials is as high as TV or printed media. We might add that it is also far less expensive.

How Can Branded Promotional Material Help My Business?

Now that we have established the impact this marketing tactic has, let’s break down what it can actually do for your business. There are many benefits of using branded promotional materials, but we will focus on the most important ones. First of all, it helps your brand become more recognisable.

Seeing your logo and slogan on various products is one of the cheapest ways to get your message across. It is also a one-time investment that keeps bringing attention and awareness.

The best example is a T-shirt that a typical customer wears plenty of time in different settings, spreading your brand’s visibility without giving it a second thought. Another huge benefit is also the relationship you build with your customer.

Instead of asking for something from them, you begin your interaction by giving them something. They will be far more likely to buy your product or service, and you can start building the relationship and transforming a lead into a loyal customer.

What Kind of Promotional Material Should I Use?

Another research done on this topic shows that the most popular item when it comes to branded promotional materials are wearables. Like we said, this means mostly T-shirts, but also sweatshirts, scarfs, hats, etc. Other popular items include writing objects and drinkware.

Although any promotional material can help you, it is best to gift items your customers will use. Some of the typical examples are umbrellas, key chains, phone cases…

The last item that grabbed everyone’s attention was the fidget spinner, that became so popular even the Fortune 500 companies started using them to promote their businesses. Based on your industry, you should research the needs of your customers and then offer them something that adds value.

One important thing to consider – your materials shouldn’t be of poor quality. Giving someone a pen that stops writing after two days, or a shirt that loses colour easily, will not help your business at all and it can only hurt your brand.

Is This Kind of Advertisement Alternative to Online Activities?

This marketing tactic, although very useful, isn’t an alternative to other ways of reaching your customers, especially when it comes to your online presence. You should invest in up to five different ways of attracting your clientele, and incorporate branded promotional materials as one of them. Don’t neglect your presence in the online world or you can expect a significant decrease in revenue.

Every marketing strategy should be about giving your customers what they want and building a strong relationship with them. No approach is universal or has a guaranteed success rate.

You should incorporate this tactic into your established business practice and use it as a way to further improve your position on the market. Invest in promotional materials that convey the core values of your product and company, and that are of good quality.

Research the needs of your customers and offer them something they didn’t even remember to ask for. This way you will be ahead of competition and your budget will thank you for it.

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