What Arc Flash Switching Suits and What Are They Used For?

Arc flash suit

There are many different risks to consider when rigging equipment, but one of the most dangerous is the risk of electrocution. If you’re not familiar with arc flash switching suits and why they’re so important, this article will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your safety when working at height.

What Is an Arc Flash?

An arc flash is a sudden burst of high-voltage electricity. It’s usually caused by damaged equipment, faulty wiring or a combination of both. Arc flashes can cause fires and also result in severe burns or other injuries.

Switching Procedures

Switching procedures are used to protect workers from arc flash events. These procedures should be followed by all workers and in all arc flash events. The purpose of switching procedures is to ensure that workers do not create arcs while they are switching a circuit breaker or disconnecting an energized power source.

There are several steps that must be taken when following the proper switching procedure for a given situation:

  • Establish communication with the person operating the switchgear (ie, open switchgear doors)
  • Enable isolation from the ground by tagging out any exposed conductive equipment that could touch grounded items in the event of an electrical fault
  • Ensure no one is present within 50 feet of where you’re working on live equipment

Why Do I Need an Arc Flash Switching Suit?

To protect yourself from arc flash and electrical shock, you need an arc flash suit. Arc flash suits are designed to insulate you from the high voltage of electricity, reducing the risk of injury or even death. If you’re working with large amounts of power and high voltages, your body must be protected from any kind of voltage that could cause burns or other injuries.

If there is a fault in a circuit or equipment failure then an arc can occur between two conductors when one conductor momentarily breaks down, creating heat at its point of contact with another conductor as well as causing melting or softening.

This can result in fire as well as injury if proper precautions aren’t taken by workers who are near these areas during normal operation but even more so when they take place during maintenance activities such as repair work on equipment panels where there are potentially hazardous conditions present such as exposed live parts (elements) due to faulty insulation materials. These could lead to serious consequences including death if unprotected people come into contact with them while conducting maintenance activities without wearing appropriate personal protective gear (PPE).

What Are Arc Flash Switching Suits Made From?

There are a few things to consider when you’re looking for an arc-flash suit. One of the most important is whether it’s high visibility. Many industrial workplaces require that employees wear brightly colored clothing in order to prevent accidents, and arc flash suits should be no exception.

Arc Flash Switching Suits Protect You From Serious Injuries When Rigging Gear?

There are a few different types of arc flash switching suits, and they all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Before choosing an arc flash switching suit, it’s important to consider what your needs are as a worker and what kind of environment you’ll be working in. You should also make sure that the suit fits correctly, because otherwise it won’t provide any protection at all!

In general, a full-length sleeve will provide more protection than shorter sleeves or gloves—especially if you’re working around hot surfaces or live electrical conductors.

Arc Flash Suits Are Designed to Protect Workers Who Perform High-Voltage Operations

High voltage

Arc flash suits can be used for other types of work, such as welding and grinding, but arc flash suits are designed specifically for the job of protecting against the hazards associated with arc flashes. They’re required by regulations and should never be used in any other application.

Arc flash suits are made from materials that protect against electrical shock and heat while allowing a worker to move freely while performing tasks that require frequent movement near energized equipment or circuits.

This includes activities such as changing out circuit breakers, removing covers on energized equipment, inspecting live wires and systems with energized components (like transformers), working on exposed conductors at ground potentials.


In conclusion, if you’re working with electrical equipment then it is important that you wear the right gear for the job.

Since arc flash switching suits are designed specifically for situations where there could be an electric shock or arc flash, they should be worn at all times when working with high-voltage electricity. This way, the suit will protect you from any harm that might come from being close to live wires!

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