Is Hiring a Fleet Management Company Right for Your Business?

The transportation system is an integral part of every business since a lot of things depend on it. The management of fleet vehicles can be challenging. If you have a company fleet, there are many fleet service providers out there that can manage your company’s vehicles.

When considering whether hiring a fleet management company is right for your business, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Check the Company’s Experience

It is vital to opt for a company that has been in business for at least 5 to 10 years. This guarantees a fair amount of experience. Another precaution you can take is to contact their current or past clients and check the company’s service quality as well as the overall experience they provide.

A reputable service provider like Haines Fleet will have testimonials and references. Don’t hesitate to ask a vendor about either one of those. You can also check third-party review sites to get accurate assessments of their work.

Experienced companies will tailor unique fleet solutions that will help your business grow. 

Learn About the Costs That Are Involved

One of the most important things you’ll have to consider is the price of a service provider. Fleet service companies should provide you with different pricing options and plans, so you can decide which one fits your budget best. 

Getting quotations from multiple companies within the industry will help you choose the right service provider that suits both your needs and your resources.

Find Out More About the Company’s Services and Technology

When selecting the company you will do business with you must discuss in detail what you need. Most companies can do more than just manage your fleet. Reliable and knowledgeable companies will also help you with selection, maintenance, analyses, and leasing. 

They can handle the whole management process. If you want to check how your fleet and your drivers are doing, you can ask for daily, weekly, and monthly reports. 

And don’t forget about the technology and tools they use. Look for businesses that have the latest tools and software like driver behaviour technology and telematics systems that enable planning the most efficient routes for the drivers.

Fleet Services and Maintenance Must Be Timely 

Always check the maintenance schedules the transport management company offers. Look for comprehensive ones that will ensure the best possible working order for your vehicles. A vendor of your choice must conduct preventive maintenance as it can reduce your overall fleet expenses. 

Timely maintenance also guarantees better fleet safety. 

Companies that implement this kind of proactive approach are invaluable as it can prolong your vehicles’ lifespan. Vehicles lose their value over time, so the longer they can be up and running the more your business will save over the long term. 

When they are well-maintained, you can count on many more years on the road. 

Check the Turnaround Time for Maintenance Services 

When one or more of your vehicles are off the road, it will negatively affect your enterprise’s productivity and workflow, as well as your budget. So, an important factor when selecting a service vendor is their turnaround time for fixing issues your fleet may face.

Also, find out if the service provider has spare parts in their storage places. The ones that do have backup automotive parts will most probably complete repairs faster. 

Now, let’s explore the benefits of partnering with a knowledgeable fleet management company! 

You Will Get Professional Advice and Feedback

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a vendor to manage your company’s fleet is that you get to work with experts. Their valuable feedback can help you and your business. The professional advice and insights you receive can help your business expand during these uncertain times. 

For example, leased vehicles are usually newer and require less maintenance than owned cars. 

And of course, when your company’s fleet is in good hands, you’ll have more time to focus on meaningful work. 

Anticipate Potential Problems and Solve Them Quickly 

In today’s competitive market, businesses have to be strategic to survive and thrive. A proactive fleet management company will help you quickly anticipate potential problems and develop efficient solutions so your business operations don’t get interrupted. 

With a helping hand from an experienced fleet management company, you can make better business decisions. 

For instance, they can provide you with detailed data and helpful insight that will help you determine whether to buy or lease a new company vehicle. 

Increase Efficiency and Productivity of Your Business

FleetAnswers is an organization that publishes industry-specific data like best practices and educational resources about fleets. According to their data, companies can lose anywhere between $400 and $700 per day if one of their vehicles isn’t on the road. 

And repair costs aren’t even included in these expenses. The prices of downtime are relatively high. 

Partnering with a fleet management company can help your business increase its efficiency and productivity by reducing your vehicle’s downtime.

Reduce Your Repair Costs and Fuel Efficiency

Vehicle repairs can cost businesses a lot of money, especially if they own a large fleet of vehicles. By working with reliable and professional fleet management companies, you can lower your repair costs. 

The companies that employ proactive strategies will lead to lower repair expenses.  

Another way to cut your transport overhead is by utilizing new technology that enables monitoring driver behaviour. Fleet management companies can analyze the behaviour of each driver, like their driving speeds, idle times, and refuelling costs. 

With this data, they can apply and encourage good driving behaviour that will help reduce costs.

Smaller Businesses Can Outsource Some of Their Fleet Duties 

Businesses with a small fleet (one to five vehicles) can consider outsourcing some of their fleet duties. When it comes to small fleets, the maintenance of the vehicles is usually the one that gets outsourced. 

Waiting for vehicles to get serviced at a local repair shop can be expensive while hiring a mechanic isn’t cost-effective. 

Working with a reputable company will help your organization take things up a notch with round the clock fleet management. The best vendors will be proactive in modernizing your transport management processes and saving your business money with better routing and enhanced driver behaviour, among other things.

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